Independent film producers Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

Disney sells Miramax Films for $660 million

The New York Times reports that The Walt Disney Company has agreed in principle to sell major film production property Miramax to an investment group for approximately $660 million. The deal follows a six-month bidding war between Miramax founders Harvey and Bob Weinstein and a series of investors. Construction business owner Ronald Tutor and his
a sporty red car, mostly outside the frame

Auto dealer exemption means first time car buyers must be wary

The financial reform bill that was signed into law this month included an auto dealer exemption. The auto dealers’ exemption allows them to escape auto lending regulation that could have prohibited many common deceptive auto lending tactics. To get a better deal, first time car buyers need to be aware of these practices. They also
Woman peeking behind a blank white board.

Credit score or credit scar? Which best describes your finances?

Your credit score, that simple three-digit number, tells the world how worthy you are of a loan. It describes your future risks and past loans and overall financial history. Is yours a healthy number or has it been scarred by past financial events and decisions? How will a payday loan affect it? Credit score numbers
Woman biting into a green apple. Ocean background.

Need cash today? Get cash today!

If you need cash today, time is everything. You won’t waste time when you apply for a loan at Personal Money Market. All the searching and comparing are done instantly, and you’ll immediately be connected to a reputable online payday loan company. You won’t be kept waiting; you’ll get an answer to your loan request
A woman lying in the grass using a lap top.

Borrow money the easy way

People need a fast and dependable way to borrow money despite the changing economy, but it’s getting harder and harder to qualify for most loans. More than one in four American consumers now have credit scores lower than 600, and with banks and credit-card companies raising lending standards across the board, many traditional forms of
Brown Bear

Montana Soda Butte campground site of bear attack

When a female bear rampaged through Soda Butte Campground in Montana on Wednesday, a woman and a teen were injured, and one man was killed. The National Park Service has already launched an investigation into the attack. Camping in National Parks is usually very safe, but this attack proves that wild animals can be, at
The storefront of a small business

Microlending blooms as banks refuse to make small business loans

Microloans are emerging as an answer to the small business credit crisis. Microloans are more commonly associated with  developing countries. But microlending is on the rise in the U.S. as more small businesses are taking out microloans when the bank says no. Microlending could increase even more as a small business lending bill that would
Lake Michigan

Kalamazoo River oil spill headed for Lake Michigan

In Southwest Michigan, a state of emergency has been declared in response to the Kalamazoo River oil spill. At 9:45 a.m. on Monday morning, an oil pipeline began leaking 19,500 barrels of oil into the river. The resulting oil slick is moving quickly in the water, and the EPA and Enbridge Energy are working to
President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan

Race to the Top finalists compete for federal education grants

Race to the Top is a competition for more than $3 billion in federal education reform grants. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced Wednesday that 18 states and the District of Columbia are finalists in the second round of  Race to the Top. In states that advanced, such as California, various school districts cooperated

BP planning to take a $10 billion tax credit

Facing a $17 billion second quarter loss and $32 billion in spill cleanup costs, BP has decided to take a $10 billion tax credit. This credit is intended as a cash loan advance for companies in trouble. The legality of the BP tax credit is under debate. In the end, the U.S. Government may see
Image of Michelle Rhee

Michelle Rhee dismisses 226 D.C. teachers

District of Columbia Chancellor of Public Schools Michelle Rhee has dismissed 226 D.C. teachers, reports The Washington Post. Not only that, but an additional 737 instructors are under threat of dismissal in a year if they don’t improve markedly. This barrage of cutbacks stems from a new evaluation system called IMPACT, which D.C. public school
A man posing in a lotus position

Credit Karma offers an emerging new model for free credit scores

Credit Karma is one of many websites that have emerged offering free credit scores. Learning your credit score is easier now, thanks to the financial reform bill signed into law this month. Financial reform legislation, otherwise known as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, requires lenders to show you the credit reports
Statue of Kyrgyz national hero Manas on horseback, with sword drawn. Manas is the subject of the epic Kyrgyz poem (circa 17th century) of the same name.

Donors grant Kyrgyzstan more than $1 billion in emergency aid

Open violence in the Central Asian nation Kyrgyzstan has cost hundreds of lives, created at least 400,000 refugees and all but destroyed the national budget. The nation’s move toward parliamentary democracy – which has emboldened supporters of overthrown former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev and militants from Uzbekistan – has been at the center of clashes between
A contemporary house design at Puget Drive and West 31st Avenue in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

New home sales jump in June to exceed record-low expectations

New home sales exceeded gloomy forecasts in June, rebounding from a record low in May. But because new home sales fell so low after the home buyer tax credit expired last spring, June’s numbers were still the second lowest on record. Some believe that the worst of the post-tax-credit slump is over. Others think that
Blond woman smiling in a grassy field.

You are not alone if you need a loan

Struggling to make ends meet can be a lonely experience. Many people who run out of cash until payday don’t have family or friends who can help. People with steady jobs may have nowhere to turn when emergency strikes; many don’t even have credit cards; about one in four now has tarnished credit. If this
A mentally imbalanced homeless woman outside a hotel in Waikiki.

The Hawaiian Islands homeless problem that won’t go away

Aside from the economic importance of military jobs in the Hawaiian Islands, tourism is a vital system. NPR reports that tourists spend an average of $200 per day for hotel, meal and entertainment. But the homeless population of the Hawaiian Islands has room and board, full health coverage and more for only $3 per day