Planet Earth

Earth Day 2010 is almost here!

It is close to that time of year to remember the Earth for a day – yes, it’s Earth Day on April 22.  Earth Day 2010, and indeed every Earth Day, is a good time to remember that we all should be good custodians to the environment.  After all, our children inherit what we leave
A broken window used as an illustration for an article about miserable failure

Miserable failure never totally disappears from Google

Miserable failure are two words commonly associated with George W. Bush, even without the former president owning the top listing on search engine result pages for more than two years. But Google diffused the Google bomb in January 2007 that firmly established “W” in what most of the country believed his rightful place after the
The Supreme Court of the United States

Obama talks Supreme Court nomination with Senate

Choosing a new Supreme Court Justice is a daunting task for any president, and the Obama Supreme Court pick to replace John Paul Stevens is an item of contention.  Justice John Paul Stevens is widely considered one of the more liberal members of the Court, and the president has begun discussion with the Senate about
Get an online personal loan today!

How to get an online personal loan in minutes

With the recent crisis in the economy worldwide, people are seeking a way to get online personal loans to avoid the hassle and long waits of using banks. Below are six steps that will help you receive an online personal loan today. Find out who these online personal loan companies are If you want an
Painting of Benjamin Franklin seated at a table, pondering his latest invention or the day's affairs. A rainbow afro wig has been added to symbolize the colorful new additions to the new 100 dollar bill, which bears Franklin's portrait.

New 100 dollar bill debuts to help fight counterfeit rings

Whether you call them Benjamins, C-notes or simply that money that bears the face of the Founding Father who knew how to party, the United States’ new 100 dollar bill definitely makes counterfeit money operations that much more difficult. The U.S. government knows how smart counterfeiters have become, particularly with their use of the “Superdollar”
New York City Police Department

Suzanne Porcelli’s sex charges a new low for Gambino family

Suzanne Porcelli shocked observers as the only woman in an indictment of 14 alleged members of the Gambino organized crime family. In the indictment loaded with charges unsealed Tuesday in New York, Porcelli was charged with six others for sex trafficking and sex trafficking of a minor. The sex trafficking charges mark a new low
Personal installment loans are a huge benefit to anyone.

Personal Installment Loans are a great lifesaver

Personal installment loans or paydayloans are a huge benefit for anyone who has experienced financial problems. Anyone who knows what it’s like to be caught in the middle of the month without cash needs to know about installment loans. Most of us live from one payday to the next. What happens when we run out
Let's celebrate Administrative Professionals Day today!

April 21 is Administrative Professionals Day 2010

Many people in office-type workplaces will take time to observe Administrative Professionals Day 2010 — and they should!  If there’s a group of people that can easily go overworked, underpaid and under appreciated, it’s administrative professionals.  The people who labor and toil to make sure the office runs smoothly certainly deserve a day of observance