A blue-frosted cookie in the shape of Twitter's Fail Whale.

Promoted Tweets | What Twitter advertising means to you

Quick, in 140 characters or less, what do promoted tweets mean for most Twitter users? Promoted tweets are the first of a planned group of Twitter advertisements that will appear as highlighted search results. The overwhelming Twitter chatter seems to be against the Promoted Tweets program, but Twitter cannot run forever on small cash loans
A nuclear bomb is one of the many topics of the nuclear summit.

Nuclear summit held over state of world nuclear arms supply

Perhaps the gravest threat to global security are nuclear weapons.  Since the world’s nuclear arsenal appears to not be completely secure, a nuclear summit is being held between the U.S. and other nuclear powers to discuss the state of affairs.  It’s worth more than a little bit of instant cash to keep all nuclear weapons
A photograph of a globe with an artist's rendition of a giant tree growing from the top, its roots reaching deep into the planet. It's the kind of visual that could inspire many different Earth Day activities for kids.

Enjoy these Earth Day activities for kids

Earth Day AND activities for kids? That’s a win-win situation for environmentalist parents. But for kids to truly appreciate the fun that can be had on Earth Day (April 22), it helps if mom and dad understand where Earth Day comes from and what it’s about. According to USA Today, this is the 40th anniversary
Find out the benefits of personal installment loans.

What are the benefits of personal loans with no credit check?

You want information, not a lot of fluff, so let’s get straight to the point. What are the benefits of personal loans with no credit check or, another name for them, short term loans? Benefits of Personal Loans with No Credit Check No faxing. You do not have to necessarily find a fax machine, own