Two businessmen in black suits with back to camera running down a sidewalk

Jobs bill may get workers back to work

President Obama has signed new legislation intended to create jobs by providing tax breaks for businesses and funding for infrastructure programs. The $17.6 billion package is a slimmed down version of the $85 billion bipartisan proposal drafted last month by the Senate Finance Committee.  Plenty of unemployed workers across the nation are hoping the bill
Lt. Dan Choi leading a gay-rights rally

Lt. Dan Choi arrested during DADT protest

Just outside the White House today, openly gay Iraq veteran Lt. Dan Choi and others were arrested while marching to the White House after a Human Rights Campaign rally. No word yet if group members will be getting quick loans to bail out Lt. Dan Choi or the other arrested individuals. The group was marching

529-savings plan does not necessarily provide quick cash

Many consumers look to the 529-college savings plan as an answer for finding quick cash when a student moves on to higher learning. Over the past few years the plans have been advertised heavily in the market. Operators of the plans capitalize on the fact that parents want to do right by their children. They
Colorful drawing of airplane, truck, and conveyor belt carrying packages

FedEx heralds modest economic recovery

FedEx has announced that its fiscal third-quarter profits more than doubled from a year ago, the first year-over-year profit increase in five quarters. Revenues increased by 7 percent to $8.70 billion, and the company posted earnings of $239 million, or 76 cents per share, compared to $97 million, or 31 cents per share, in the
photograph of a deep gorge, like the ones near Cornell University

Cornell student suicides: a troublesome trend

In the last seven months, upstate New York college Cornell University has had six suspected student suicides. For a school that reported no suicides from 2005 to 2008, this recent spate of student deaths is very troubling. Administrators at Cornell are approaching the suicide problem head-on, providing money now for increased student counseling and staff

Easy Ways to Make Money Online – Part One

People in need of fast cash often turn to payday loans or request a cash advance online. While a short-term loan can help a person out of a fix, these loans will eventually have to be repaid. Therefore, it behooves a person to not only know how to get an Internet loan, but how to