Still in love with credit cards

Unemployment rates were at record highs last year and incomes at record lows. So how can it be that consumers managed to pay down credit-card debt last year? Credit-card debt in the United States dropped significantly last year, but a new MoneyNews article suggests that Americans are still in love with credit cards: The bulk

The Consumer Report Index Releases Telling Information

The economic downturn of 2008/2009 is now over and many groups are doing their assessments of where the economy is at now. A new report done by Consumer Reports shows that consumers are not expanding their spending, but rather returning to the pre-Christmas frugality. During the Christmas season, retailers were hoping that consumers spent extra

Senators balk at Boys and Girls Club CEO Roxanne Spillett pay

Without question, the Boys & Girls Club of America has done an admirable amount of charity work for the youth of this nation. But when CEOs like Roxanne Spillett take home a total salary of $988,591, it makes some Republican senators nervous. It makes them so nervous that they begin to question whether her organization