An x-rayed femur

Fosamax and femur fractures : FDA is investigating possible links

A connection between Fosamax and femur fractures is currently under investigation by the FDA. Fosamax is a drug intended to treat bone weakness, though some doctors have been noticing a possible connection to Fosamax and fractured bones. The Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Agency out of the UK published information in March of 2009 about the
Photo of a laptop. U.S. Rare Earths owns deposits of minerals used in making computers.

U.S. Rare Earths holds keys to technology

U.S. Rare Earths is a company that “holds the only known U.S. deposit of heavy rare earths with a concentration worth mining, according to a recent report by the U.S. Geological Survey,” says Fox News. So what does it all mean? Rare earths are used in all types of developing technology, such as hybrid cars,
College Campus

Ohio State shooting : campus security under question

Students at Ohio State woke up this morning to news of yet another shooting, this time on their own campus. CNN reports that the 51-year old custodial worker Nathaniel Brown is responsible for the Ohio State Shooting. Students, many of whom are paying for tuition with a low rate personal loan, are attending classes today.
Pringles Chip

Pringles recalled for salmonella danger

Pringles fans beware – two of the more popular flavors of your favorite baked chip have been added to the HVP Salmonella recall. The Pringles recall includes two flavors – “Cravers Cheeseburger” and “Taco Night”. The flavors are being pulled from shelves – and if you have any sitting in your cupboard, you should just

America Saves Week Encourages Consumers to Save Money Now

Consumers looking for money now are joining forces. The country just celebrated its annual “America Saves Week“, which is an event that encourages consumers to start saving money. The initiative came together as a result of depressing statistics brought about by the recession. Consumers are Encouraged to Continue Saving In the past, economists encouraged consumers

Manufacturing Industries Showing No Signs of Recovery

Although we are now officially coming out of the recession, many cities are still struggling to find ways to make money now. Cities that relied heavily on manufacturing, particularly places that had only one main industry to rely on, are now feeling the dreading results of the economic turmoil now that closing doors has become