Waves hitting a cruise ship

26-foot wave hits cruise ship: 2 dead, 6 injured

Just a few hours ago in the Mediterranean, the Louis Majesty cruise ship was slammed by three 26-foot waves. with more that 1800 crew and passengers aboard, the ship has docked in Barcelona. Greek Louis Cruise Lines may need to get emergency cash loans to repair the damage to the public areas that were smashed
A "just married" sign on the back of a float.

Same-sex marriage legal in Washington D.C., day one

Washington D.C. passed a measure to legalize same-sex marriages in the district, and today that measure took effect. About 150 same-sex couples applied for marriage licenses in Washington D.C. today, according to The Associated Press. Here are a few stories from day one of legalized same-sex marriage in Washington, D.C. No amount of quick cash
TigerText could protect this text message

TigerText : Keeping Your Text Messages Private

TigerText could protect that message. Image from Flickr. TigerText does exactly what legions of Judge Judy litigants, wandering spouses (yes, Tiger Woods, that means you), and college kids would take out huge cash advance loans to be able to do – keep text messages truly private. As the company puts it on their website, they
Preparing a Food Network Recipe

Food Network recipes – now available wherever you are

I really love to cook. Between my obsession with good food and good TV, my day was made when it was announced that Food Network recipes are now available on their mobile site http://www.foodnetwork.mobi, as well as on foodnetwork.com. The problem with this, though, is the fact that Food Network recipes are so varied and
Texas Governor Rick Perry

Texas governor race results : GOP bellwether or blip?

In Texas, the Republican governor’s race primary results are in, and it’s leaving everyone wondering if these results – with conservative Rick Perry taking the win –  are going to show us the direction of the next election. The deeply divided Republican party showed it’s fissures during this race – and issues like taxes, how

How Strapped Borrowers Benefit From Payday Loans

Bottom line is that there is no guarantee that the economy will soon get back on its feet. Therefore, quick payday loan acts as a lifeline that any hardworking individual can compensate at anytime. A payday loan may be your only solution All over the world, normal people have been affected by America’s recession and

Nissan recall due to brake, fuel gauge trouble

What’s this? Now there’s a Nissan recall in the works? Let’s just call it a crackdown by transportation authorities at this point – on big automakers and their suppliers. Shake the recall tree and see what falls out. Big auto financing outlets have felt the sting of the recession, but there are always better options