Airborne laser brings down missiles in flight

But America can only afford one airborne laser right now, thanks Downsizing is the name of the game for too many Americans these days. Even airborne lasers have been scaled back, which should set Dr. Evil’s plans back a spell. At least he still has a fleet of sharks. But all is not lost when

Go to for Cash for Appliances info

Don’t let that old fridge suck up your cash! The Cash for Clunkers program doesn’t just deal with automobiles. President Obama wants to see a greener, more energy-efficient America, and you and I want to see more money in our pockets for the things that matter. Sure, a personal loan can pick up the slack

Beating Credit Card Debt For Good – Part Two of Two

Worthwhile credit card debt recovery strategies In part one of this series on getting rid of credit card debt, we discussed both drastic and practical ways of approaching financial recovery. Now that you have considered those first steps, it is time to figure out what to do next in order to embrace debt-free living. The

A Vicious Cycle of Taxes and Unemployment

Higher taxes are bad news for employers and employees A new study by the National Association of State Workforce agencies showed that at least 35 states will have to increase unemployment insurance taxes in 2010. The average hike will be a whopping 27.5%. That’s going to be tough for businesses still reeling from the recession.

Finding the Best Banks Post-Recession

The economic turnaround Now that the economy is turning around, consumers are shopping again. Savvy comparison-shoppers aren’t just looking for retail products and services; they’re looking for banks, too. Banks were hit hard by the recession and many changed their rules to mitigate the damage. Now that the recession shows signs of ending, banks are
A man filing taxes.

Tax Refund Loans and Other Options to Consider

It’s about that time of the year again: Tax season 2010. Everyone is running to file their taxes in hopes to obtain fast cash in no time, taking out tax refund loans to cut the waiting time down to a minimum. It’s obvious many of us are in need of money fast, but is a

Government Grants Help Defray College Expenses

College students need all the financial help they can get If you’re in college or have a child who is, you know all too well how expensive it is to get a degree or diploma these days. Tuition, books, computers, housing, food, transportation – it all adds up to a boatload of money. If you’re

Huge markups on everyday items can eat away at payday cash

Items at outrageous markups Payday cash is still hard to come by despite the recession being marked as over. Economists note that the market is out of the recession of 2008/2009, but they also cite how prices on a select few items are still skyrocketing. Businesses are hurting and if they can find a way

Payday Cash is Coming in Differently in 2010

Today’s job market In today’s job market, finding payday cash is no longer a 9-to-5 pursuit for college-aged workers. More and more young people are finding that the non-traditional work made possible by working online is lucrative and flexible. Take Natalie Ann Roig, for example. She began a marketing internship and is able to clock

Sarah Palin uses cheat sheet, critics go bananas

Sorry, that’s actually an affront to monkey fruit Once upon a time, it was entirely fashionable to bash Sarah Palin. Oh, look at that lady from Alaska. She shoots wolves, winks a lot and can’t tell Katie Couric what she reads. She routes state money to build a “Bridge to Nowhere,” but she’s down-homey. Etc,

To Find a Mortgage, Keep Personal Loans and Credit to a Minimum

Getting approved for a loan High credit card debt and numerous personal loans can mean disaster for people wanting to buy houses. Lenders are slowly beginning to open their doors again, but they are still being picky about who gets approved and who doesn’t. If you are looking to move into your own house soon,

Father waterboards daughter, 4, who couldn’t recite the alphabet

Children do not deserve sociopaths as parents Remember when there were still people arguing that waterboarding isn’t torture? Are those same people going to step forward in defense of waterboarding as news breaks that it has been used by a so-called parent in a horrific act against his daughter – and act that he likely

Payday loans can be received in short order without a fax machine

Sometimes payday doesn’t come soon enough When you have to have immediate funds, it really is quite normal to depend on internet payday loans. A negative credit rating will by no means stand in the way of you and the cash you so desperately need. Web based programs for payday loans offer enormous advantages, given

Is Apple banning location-based ads in iPhone apps?

We know they’re a monopoly, but why abuse app community even more? Apple has not made many friends with its App Store acceptance policies. Viewed in turns as both arbitrary and petty in their efforts to protect what they view as their property rights, Apple has cracked down on many App Store developers who are

Getting Life Insurance That You Can Afford

Life insurance is the most important insurance that you need. Many people fail to get life insurance when it is too late. Unfortunately, we are still in tough economic times; the last thing on an average American’s mind is a life insurance policy. You could walk to Starbucks on your lunch break for a cup

When You Need a Loan, Choose the Right Type

Getting extra cash – fast There are thousands of reasons that you may need a loan. Unexpected bills, large expenses, or even just a quick shot of help when you’ve got bad credit, it is possible to get a loan quickly. Bad credit can happen even if you are careful with money – unexpected events

The Homeowner Tax Credit Can Help Homeowners Find Cash Today

Tax benefits of the tax credit Homebuyers can find cash today with the $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit. The credit is the showpiece of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It was designed by the government to boost housing sales and help spur the market to recovery. So far projections say that the plan