Many businesses find the year’s end the best time to strategize

End of year reflections When it comes to the end of the year, many business owners do a lot of reflection. It’s a great time to sit back and take stock in how productive a year has been, whether or not goals have been achieved and how the coming year’s performance is projected. Tweaking a

Straight talk about Cash till Payday Loans

Cash till Payday Bad Credit Ok Let’s face it; there aren’t a lot of people or companies willing to lend cash till payday to a person with bad credit. The lower a person’s FICO score, the more of a risk they are considered to be, and most lenders aren’t willing to take such risks. Therefore,

Mortgage Loans and Home buyers

Mortgage Loans and Home buyers Are you a first time home buyer seeking to enter the home buyers market, or perhaps a current homeowner looking to refinance or take out a second mortgage on your current home? There are still many good options available for those seeking some type of mortgage loan. Choosing your best

Borrowing Money Can Still Be an Advantage if Managed Wisely

Lessons learned from the recession When it comes to borrowing money, Americans are getting a good lesson in the new rules. Pre-recession credit was thought of as a tool available to almost everyone. People used their credit for a wide variety of things, seeing its convenience as a major advantage to their monthly bill payment

Overlooking Simple Deductions can cost Taxpayers

Most taxpayers are honest The vast majority of American taxpayers are honest when it comes to filing and paying their taxes. The million dollar tax cheats are very rare. Instead of taking advantage of the system, it is actually the opposite that is true; most Americans do not take advantage of legitimate deductions and overpay

Without Financial Communication Love and Money Spells Disaster

The financial side of living together Without the essentials of wealth education, love and money spells nothing but trouble for a lot of couples. The reasons for this aren’t usually due to a lack of money or even an individual’s personal spending habits. Rather, trouble is often attributed to unrealistic expectations about love and gripping

Getting Quick Cash can open the Door for Skimming

What is skimming? Anyone who has run to an ATM for quick cash has put themselves at risk for skimming. Skimming is a new type of thievery in the 21st century. Thieves set up electronic equipment that captures magnetic stripes on your ATM card. It stores your PIN number and then thieves use the information

History of the Credit Card in America

How the First Credit Card Came to Be In America, credit card history isn’t something most people think about. This is because credit and credit cards appear to be a timeless method of payment. However, the use of plastic payments is, for the most part, a twentieth century luxury. At the turn of that century,

To Build up Cash Today Try Looking at Your Diet

Spending to be healthy Building up cash today can be as easy as looking to your diet habits. The diet industry is a billion-dollar venture. From gyms to diet foods and sportswear to equipment, Americans are buying. There are thousands of products consumers buy to help manage their weight. The number one culprit is the

To Avoid Having to Borrow Money, Homeowners Need to Be Smart

Homeowners need to be aware of all costs Many new homeowners end up having to borrow money when trying to set up their new purchase. They already have a hefty mortgage to contend with, but failed to plan for additional costs associated with owning a new home. If you are in the market for a

New Year’s resolutions can help you find emergency money

Common New Year’s resolutions It’s not that difficult to find emergency money if you are willing to sacrifice. Now that the beginning of the year is here, many people are making New Year’s resolutions. Five of the most common are quitting smoking, exercising, eating healthier, decreasing debt and saving more money for emergencies. These are
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Choosing a Real Estate Agent

How to Find the Right Agent for You Buying a home can be a challenging journey – especially if it’s your first time on the market. For this reason, many people choose to enlist the services of a qualified real estate agent to help navigate these waters. Because you’ll come to rely on this person

Home Loans and Today’s Market

Home Loans With the world economy firmly entrenched in a reset mode, loans of all types are becoming more difficult to obtain. That is not to say that it is impossible. The fact of the matter is, financial institutions, banks, and credit unions will always make loans. It is the lifeblood of the financial industry.

If you want to Check Into Cash, check into this

Cleveland, Tennessee-based payday lender serving customers since 1993 Check Into Cash claims to have “pioneered the payday advance service.” What is certain is that the process consumers go through when they wish to apply for payday loans, cash advance or payday advance loans couldn’t be simpler. Fill out a quick application and receive a decision very

Today is National Penguin Awareness Day, warmbodies

Celebrating squatty swiftness Of all Batman’s foes, none are as droll and umbrella-obsessed as the Penguin. His manner and hardware have nothing to do with the name, however. The man is short, squatty and loves to eat sardines like the Arctic creatures we know and love. Imagine Burgess Meredith, fresh from the 1960s “Batman” TV

One Way to Save Money is to get Good Snow Tires for Winter

Winter in the Snow Belt Snow tires are a crucial thing to have in areas that are frequented by snowfall in the winter.  A recent article on Bankrate discusses the importance of investing in a good set of snow tires, and how the right investment can save money. Matt Edmonds, VP of Tire Rack said,