Cohabitation Agreements Protect Unmarried Couples

When unwedded bliss just isn’t enough . . . Cohabitation agreements are growing in popularity. More and more, unmarried couples who live together and commingle assets and finances are entering into legally binding agreements to protect both parties. Understanding what cohabitation agreements are can provide valuable financial insights for all unmarried couples who live together.

Debtors Anonymous Helps Compulsive Spenders

When a Payday Loan Isn’t the Only Help That’s Needed Debtors Anonymous may be the solution many compulsive spenders are searching for. The frequent need for payday loans, bad credit and the inability to save money are all warning signs of compulsive spending. While the need for short-term loans and bad credit can also be

Service Sector Grows Slightly, Jobs Remain Scarce

More of the same Small positive signs of a slow recovery continued last quarter as the service sector of the economy grew slightly, primarily due to holiday sales. The increase was so slight that it created very few new jobs. Most of the growth involved calling laid-off employees back to work or replacing positions that

Unsecured Loans Can Be Eliminated with 529 Savings

Saving for college Throughout history, parents have used savings, unsecured loans and credit to get their children through college. Since 1996 however, a new savings vehicle has been on the market and growing numbers of parents are utilizing it. Section 529 plans offer tax-advantages for saving when it comes to college savings. One thing to

Online news readers may find emergency money dwindling

Paying for news stories It’s critical to have emergency money in today’s market, but the New York Times isn’t making it easy. Many avid readers of the New York Times Online are going to be in for a big surprise next year. Mark Zandi, economist for Moody’s, said, “The internet is free and more

Financial procrastination can come with a high price

Difficult times in the recession A new concern in the post-recessionary market is financial procrastination. Many consumers had a difficult time managing their budgets during the economic downturn of 2008/2009. Mary Casey, housewife in Los Angeles, California, said, “We were aggressive savers, but once my husband lost his job, we had to use every last

Anyone looking for cash now should look to Gift Cards

The power of a gift card For consumers who are looking for cash now, gift cards are a great option. According to the National Retail Federation, gift cards were the number one most requested Christmas gifts this season. There’s good reason why gift cards are so popular. First of all, they are useful. Rather than

The Toyota recall list – is your car on it?

Accelerator pedal trouble causes 2.3 million-car recall Automakers have taken a pounding lately, and the recent Toyota recall list certainly doesn’t help matters. 2.3 million cars had already been recalled of late, but now eight model lines are being taken off the U.S. market so that a gas pedal problem can be worked around. Talking

401k money saving strategies upon retiring

Do you know what you will do with your 401k after retirement? Most people don’t. With more and more Americans retiring early in order to pursue other careers or small business opportunities, this question is being investigated more than ever. Myths abound, which lead people to believe that they must immediately roll all of their

The insurance fund may not be enough to handle secured loans

Banks are protected by insurance Secured loans are causing much concern with financial experts. They are reporting that no matter how much banks lend, their transactions are almost always risk-free. Their money is guaranteed by the federal government through the insurance fund. The insurance fund is money that comes into play when various “bad” things

Recession made borrowing money even harder

The housing market Back in February of 2009, President Obama addressed a group of high school students about borrowing money and the housing market. At the time, the market was in crisis and the President decided to fix the foreclosure problem with a program set to turn it all around. Unfortunately, that turnaround never came.

ACORN videographer James O’Keefe arrested by FBI

Bug a senator’s phone, go directly to jail Back in September of 2009, Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe hit ACORN where it hurts by capturing Baltimore office and New York City office employees on film encouraging people who were clearly transacting in child prostitution to lie to the IRS. Now videographer James O’Keefe is in

Workers are frustrated with their jobs

New survey shows dissatisfaction with employment A new survey done by the Conference Board showed that job satisfaction is at an all-time low of about 45%. That is the total amount of employees who are content with their current situations. Part of the problem is the economy. When the recession began back in 2008, companies

Tim Tebow Superbowl ad has CBS under fire

Women’s groups call for upcoming pro-life ad to be pulled Super Bowl commercials are always among the highlights of the CBS Super Bowl telecast, and the Sunday, February 7 broadcast of Super Bowl XLIV should be no exception. However, among the entertaining commercial offerings (which will surely include some by payday loan companies), there may
Looking for a personal installment loan

What Is A Personal Installment Loan Versus Just A Regular Payday Loan?

Which Loan is Right for Me? Just about everybody has heard of a paydayloan. Some of what you’ve heard may be good, or bad. But, regardless of what you’ve heard, millions of payday loans are made each year. And, with all those payday loans being made, there will inherently be good stories and bad stories

Andre Bauer says poor children are like stray animals

Carry on, South Carolina – from Mark Sanford to Andre Bauer South Carolina is a perfectly fine place, I’m sure. The Palmetto State no doubt has beauty and local color in spades. However, its recent political history has been talk show cannon fodder. Gov. Mark Sanford went on his soul-searching trip on the Appalachian Trail

Many businesses find the year’s end the best time to strategize

End of year reflections When it comes to the end of the year, many business owners do a lot of reflection. It’s a great time to sit back and take stock in how productive a year has been, whether or not goals have been achieved and how the coming year’s performance is projected. Tweaking a