2010 election results | Tracking the results of the 2010 vote

2010 election results

The 2010 election results could mean big changes across the country. Image: Flickr / vox_efx / CC-BY

Election day 2010 is still going strong, but the 2010 election results are coming in soon. With everything from marijuana legalization to control of the legislature up for grabs, 2010 election results could mean huge changes. Though the final results could take days, some 2010 election results could be called in a matter of hours.

Tracking the 2010 vote results

The 2010 election results could be called as early as within the hour the polls close. Exit polls are used to predict results, but they can be notoriously difficult to verify. Absentee ballots or mail-in ballots could take a few days after election day 2010 to fully count, but races with a clear winner could still be called earlier than that.

Where to track 2010 election results

The election results for the 2010 vote will be tracked live on several different sites. To track governors races as well as house and senate results, Politico has a regularly updated map. To follow the results of propositions and initiatives, Ballotpedia has a comprehensive list of each state. Until results have been certified by each state, the results can be disputed in almost every state.

Problems with 2010 election results

Though voting for election day 2010 is not yet over, there are already some challenges to the results. In Kansas, prosecutors are looking into allegations of voter intimidation, including incorrect information of where to cast a vote. In New York City, electronic voting machines are causing problems that are reminiscent of September’s “royal screw-up.” In Philadelphia, poll workers had to use a sledgehammer to open a polling place after the key did not work. Rhode Island is turning away voters because of malfunctioning machines. Missouri is having “connectivity issues” with the secretary of state website. Finally, North Carolina’s Surry County ended up printing out the wrong voter registries.

What are you watching for in the 2010 election results? Did you have problems voting?

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