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Banks Starting to Help Customers with Debt Relief

Banks aid consumers In an effort to attract new customers, banks are starting to help consumers with debt relief.  If you do an online search for “banks and deals,” you’ll surely find a wide variety of choices. Banks are now realizing that to bring customers in, they need to  view the economy from the consumer’s
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Students Worry about Debt Relief as Parents Struggle

New poll highlights economic woes of college students According to a new poll conducted by the AP and mtvU, college students today are more worried than ever before about debt relief. Although summer is reputed to be a time of partying for college students, most are too stressed out the economy to even think about
The King of Pop could save retailers this Halloween (Photo:

Halloween Spending | Will Jacko Be Retailers’ Saving Grace?

Michael’s Death Could Keep Costumers Alive I know, I’ve already covered this topic on this blog, but the chance to post a Michael Jackson Halloween mask is just too much for me to pass up. His untimely passing gave his music sales a boost over the summer, now Michael Jackson masks, costumes and accessories are
Billboards may become a thing of the past (photo by

Installment Loans and Free Advertising for Small Businesses

Survival of small businesses in a tight economy Small business owners are looking to installment loans to make it through the rough economy. With industry giants like GM and Chrysler falling into bankruptcy, it’s easy to see how smaller businesses are in precarious financial situations. Part of the problem is cyclical. As business owner Terry