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For the unemployed, looking for online payday lenders can be harrowing. There is good news, though, since more companies are expected to open their doors this year. The recession is finally considered over and that means that slowly businesses are hiring. The government is taking the lead on squashing the unemployment rate and promising to create 600,000 jobs this year. That’s great news for an unemployed public that is well into the millions.

Government jobs on the rise

For anyone looking to work for the government, there are perks. The number of six-figure earning employees is set to rise along with the larger pool of workers. Here are some of the jobs that the government is currently looking to fill:

  • FBI/Special Agent. This job isn’t only made up for the movies. In fact, it is a real position that is needed. The job description, according to the website, is “As an FBI Special Agent you may work on matters including terrorism, foreign counterintelligence, cyber crime, organized crime, white-collar crime, public corruption, civil rights violations, financial crime, bribery, bank robbery, extortion, kidnapping, air piracy, interstate criminal activity, fugitive and drug-trafficking matters, and other violations of federal statutes.” The annual salary is anywhere between $57,000 and $74,000.
  • IT Specialist. Though this position is a bit more boring than an FBI Special Agent, it still has its perks. The annual salary for an IT Specialist is $123,000 to $155,000. The job entails the procurement of equipment, hardware/software maintenance, training, design changes, long range planning, and all other system integration within the division.” (
  • Aerospace Engineer. This is a job that focuses on designing and developing civil aircrafts. The job is an exciting one for any engineer and can hone his or her skill. This job has an annual salary range of $91,000 to $414,000.
  • Writer/Editor. The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking for help. The job involves proofreading and updating materials related to financial services. The salary for this position is between $96,000 and $171,000. That’s good news for struggling writers who have the credentials to warrant online payday lenders cash from the government.
  • Wildlife Biologist. This title is also called a “Grizzly Bear Habitat Coordinator” and the employee will be a “principle liaison for grizzly bear management among the Forest Service’s northern Region, Rocky Mountain Region and Intermountain Region.” The annual salary is $68,000 to $89,000.
  • Intelligence Officer/Defense Intelligence Agency. An intelligence officer is the closest to what people watch on TV and in the movies. These are the agents that take on high-threat issues for US officials and representatives. The salary for this position is between $89,000 and $136,000 a year. Projects include counter-intelligence work and monitoring of national level operations.

Government positions

The key to finding the right position is to focus on skills. Just like any other employer, the government is looking for the right person for the right job. It’s crucial to create a good resume and then follow the application instructions at the FBI website. It may take some careful planning, but having online payday lenders cash directly from Uncle Sam can be a blessing to anyone who has been searching for a job, or cash advance places near you,  since the recession first began.

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