Get payday advance loans and avoid an overdraft

A man smiling into the camera.Millions of people at one point or another have found themselves short on cash. They end up in a situation where they need to find out what options they have to get some needed money. Often they end up over-drafting their bank accounts because they don’t know there are other options. Don’t find yourself in this position; there are always other options, like getting payday advance loans.

Payday advance loans are a better choice

Why would you want to choose payday advance loans before over-drafting your bank account? The real question should be, “Why wouldn’t you?” Your bank account history has more importance in financing than you could imagine. If you plan on ever obtaining a loan for any reason through your bank, you can bet they will likely look into your account history. After all, they’re not money lenders for bad credit. An over-drafted bank account will reflect negatively on you. So keeping that account in the positive at all times can greatly benefit you.

Bank overdraft fees versus a payday advance loan

Of course that isn’t the only reason you should choose a payday advance loan instead of an overdraft on your bank account. An average bank account charges more than $30 per overdraft fee, and many charge daily fees in addition to that. A payday advance loan may cost you about the same fee if you take out a larger amount of money, like $30 for every $200 taken out. A bank, on the other hand, charges its fee even if you overdraft your account by 10 cents. If you overdraft your bank account twice, you get that charge twice. So if you overdraft $5 two times, you would be looking at a negative $10 in your account. That plus a couple charges of $30 in overdraft fees, you’re looking at a total of $70!

You have options when you are low on money. Just weigh your options and make the smart move. A payday advance loan can help your bank account show a good history when needed the most.

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