Single mothers in need of money now have good career options

Mothers in the job market

Single mothers in need of money now have some choices to make. It’s difficult in today’s economy for anyone to manage, but with the added stress of raising children, it can be a daunting task. There are millions of unemployed Americans in the job market and a good portion are single mothers trying to make ends meet. The hardest part of combining motherhood with work is the schedule. A single parent has to be available in the morning to get children to school, and be ready to pick them up afterwards. There are illnesses to deal with and holidays where children need supervision. Even the best employer may not always be willing or able to accommodate.

Jobs for single mothers

There are some jobs that cater to single mothers due to the schedules and responsibilities. Here are the top five:

1.) Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. Without question, being in pharmaceutical sales is not easy, but more and more companies in the industry are creating flexible policies for workers. For example, GlaxoSmithKline has an official “Flexible Working Policy” that allows home workers, part-time workers, annualized hours, and term-time working. The company also provides workers with on- or near-site daycare services and pay-for-performance incentives.

2.) Teachers. Teaching is one of the top careers for mothers because the schedule is congruent to children’s school schedules. This field is known for its family-friendliness and some professionals choose to work in the same district or school where they reside. It’s much easier for a teacher to be a parent if their child is down the hallway or a few miles away. An added benefit is that teachers can also pick up extra work with private tutoring or teaching additional classes on the side.

3.) Freelance writer. Freelance writing offers a flexibility that few other career choices provide. Some famous freelance writers are Jacquelyn G. Mitchard, author of “The Deep End of the Ocean” and J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series of books. Most professional writers have some help with childcare but due to being able to set a schedule themselves, most can get by with minimum outside assistance.

4.) Registered nurse. Becoming a registered nurse is a particularly effective way to find money now due to the many bonuses involved. The health care industry is looking for qualified workers and the job market promises to be a continuingly growing one. Americans are getting older and health care is in demand now and is projected to grow exponentially throughout coming years. In addition to high-paying positions, there are also lucrative bonuses ranging from $500 to upwards of $15,000.

5.) Part-time or Temporary Professional. Many single mothers are more prone to having part-time jobs than full-time. Companies like Adecco, Office Team and Accountemps offer a wide variety of part-time jobs that pay well and are flexible for even the most rigorous schedule. For those looking for full-time but flexible professional work, AFLAC may be a good option. Workers make their own schedules and can easily opt for a schedule with no weekends or no nights. In addition, the company offers competitive commissions, incentives and contests for all workers.

Managing parental responsibilities

Single mothers in need of money now have a good selection of options. Each one above is lucrative, but still offers the flexibility needed to parent small children. It may take some searching, but with some good research and skill, any mother can find employment that fits in with her parental responsibilities.

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