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The 4th Worst Snow Storm Ever

Top 10 Storms Looking at the storms that are blasting through the United States, the theory being spread from coast to coast is that this may just be the top ten winter snowstorms. In fact, the Midwest experienced its fourth worst storm since the 1950’s! While some people enjoyed the snow coming down, others became

Futures Trading and SEC fighting Congress for funding

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission are supposed to be the financial police officers of the economy. The 2010 Dodd-Frank Act was meant to increase the power of these agencies to protect consumers and keep an eye on Wall Street. The funding to carry out these tasks, however, is caught in
Bank of America

Bank profits tumble as new laws for credit cards start working

New regulations for credit cards on how interest rates and fees can be assessed are working. However, some loan lenders are lamenting the new rules that require greater disclosure when changing terms with customers. Outlawing guerrilla-style fee and interest raises has led Bank of America and other companies to lose value from credit card units.

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Most people , young and old, eventually find themselves in a financial predicament. Whether it is from under-budgeting or surprise bills, people need a private, secure place to find a solution to their fast cash needs. If you are one of those people, you are our top priority! We want to help you get the

Montcoal mine explosion and other mining disasters

The West Virginia mine explosion is one of the worst mining disasters in living memory, and a mine explosion such as the Montcoal mine explosion takes a lot of fast cash to clear up.  Coal mining is a dangerous trade with a long and rich history in the U.S. and worldwide. Coal dust is volatile
Older couple in need of an installment loan with no credit check.

Get an easy installment loan with no credit check

Need an installment loan with no credit check? Does it feel like you haven’t been able to get one lately? Well this will all change, now that you have come to the right place. Borrowers like you can find an installment loan agency that won’t put you through all the red tape involved with analyzing

10-year-old gives birth in Spain; grandmother calls it normal

Reports are coming out with headlines reading “10-year-old gives birth.” The birth occurred in Jelez de la Frontera, in the region of Andalusia, Spain. The mother insists that her daughter is happy after giving birth, even at such a young age. The girl in question and her mother Olimpia are Roma, or Gypsies. The new
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Short Term Loans – Expanding Scope During Financial Distress

Short Term Loans | Best Tool for Financial Emergencies In today’s economically unsteady world, you cannot always remain geared to face economic emergencies. So when faced with financial emergencies, short term loans are the best way to overcome them. Short term loans like online cash advances, are debt instruments that provide instant cash when you
A happy man and woman are interviewing a prospective new female candidate for a job. Paychex makes it easy for such employers to know just how much tax credit they'll receive for that employee via the federal HIRE Act.

Paychex offers business owners info on HIRE Act

Paychex, Inc., a payroll, HR and employer benefits outsourcing firm that has been serving small- to medium-sized businesses since 1971, is now hosting a dedicated Web page that will enable business owners to learn about how the new federal HIRE Act works and receive credit counseling regarding applicable tax credits. Owners will also be able
gas prices

Oil and gas destined to fall as prices pinch consumer demand

Oil prices are soaring, and gas prices are approaching levels not seen since the summer of 2008. The U.S. has huge oil and gasoline stockpiles, but speculators betting on risk and fear have pushed oil prices up 21 percent in 2011. Some analysts think the oil rally is about to end, however, as rising oil
Federal Reserve Vice Chair Janet Yellen

Federal Reserve not planning to reign in credit supply yet

The Federal Reserve has announced that it won’t be tightening the national credit supply just yet. The Federal Reserve has certain controls over the amount of available lending capital in the financial system. Fears of inflation have caused some to think the credit supply needs to be tightened, but the Fed does not think that
Photo of a Great Value brand jar.

Walmart plans a healthy Great Value brand

After months of discussions with Michelle Obama, executives at Walmart have made a promise to make their food healthier. The Great Value brand is going to be reformatted. It will cut down on salt, sugar and trans-fat content. There have been similar promises from other companies. Record-high food prices make the timing of this move
A picture of a page from the U.S. Constitution. Numerous portions have been blacked out (redacted) for satirical effect.

Sept. 17 is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

Schools across the United States today are devoting at least a portion of the day to educate students about the Constitution of the United States on this, the 223rd anniversary of the document being signed. Fox News reports that public schools at a variety of levels (from elementary education to university) have been granted federal
Rahm and Ezekiel Emanuel (Photo: exposeobama.com)

“Deadly Doctors” Column Exposes Obamacare (Pt .1)

Policing deadly doctors The battle over health care reform is making monkeys out of people on both sides of the political fence. There are thugs who make it their business to scream, bluster and whine in the most bellicose way possible so that people interested in intelligent debate are drowned out. There are others (even
Multiple posters of smiling Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad posted on the side of a building. His cult of personality continues to stand defiantly against the majority of the world when it comes to uses of nuclear power.

Ahmadinejad laughs at U.S. sanctions on potential nukes

When it comes to U.S. sanctions on nuclear weapons, human rights violations or anything else, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has heard it all before. According to Iranian online news website PressTV, Ahmadinejad is prepared to simply “shrug off” any American threats of economic penalty. This time around, it’s over the claim that Iran is developing
Bank owned

Reverse Mortgages 101 | Reverse mortgages and how they work

Most people have seen the commercials pushing reverse mortgages as the path to financial security. Reverse mortgages and how they work can be a bit confusing. Reverse mortgages are a way of selling a home back to the bank over time — but the terms can be a bit confusing. Reverse mortgages and how they