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Costly DMAE cream delivers little more than common moisturizers

DMAE cream is an anti-aging product being hyped as a “facelift in a jar.” A doctor hawking DMAE cream appeared on the “Dr. Oz” show this week and buzz about the substance spread like wildfire. Dermatologists and the FDA dismiss anti-aging claims about DMAE as pseudoscience, but evidence does exist that DMAE creams provide certain

I Shoulda Had a Dennis Kucinich

Obama Joker artist revealed, says he’d prefer Kucinich Stop the presses. There is a connection between the racist, inflammatory Obama Joker socialism posters used to protest the president’s plans for the necessary overhaul of the health care system and the lost presidential candidacy of Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich. I rather liked the man and would
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No Job? Need Money Now? Recession Relief Expected to be Slow

No Job? Need Money Now? Recession Relief Expected to be Slow Just when We thought it was Over While many people who have been hit hard by the recession are thrilled to hear that it is coming to a close and believe that they will finally be able to earn some much needed money now,

How to Make Money on Twitter – Part Two

How to make fast cash on Twitter In part one of this series, readers learned that Twitter can be useful in creating additional income streams or just useful for fast cash in emergency situations. As we journey further into the opportunities for making money on Twitter, we’ll show you how to use it to save

Oklahoma Earthquake | 4.3 quake does no significant damage

This morning, at 9:06 local time, an Oklahoma earthquake hit about six miles east of Norman, Okla. The 4.3 magnitude quake was centered about 3.1 miles below the surface of the earth. No major damage or injuries have been reported as a result of the Oklahoma earthquake. Oklahoma earthquake felt across the state The Oklahoma
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U.S. Supreme Court to consider credit card notification

The U.S. Supreme court has announced that it will consider a case involving credit cards. McCoy v. Chase Manhattan Bank, USA, will be heard by the Supreme Court during its next session, which begins in October. The case is a class-action suit that alleges credit card companies cannot retroactively increase the interest rate on a
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Cheap O Air: A New Choice for Buying Plane Tickets

Cheap O Air finds cheap tickets There are plenty of sites out there that will find the best deals on plane tickets for you. Airfare Watchdog, Cheap Tickets, Orbitz and Expedia are just a few of these services, and we can add Cheap O Air to that list. Cheap O Air works the same way

Budgeting 101 – Take Control of Your Money

Getting Started with Budgeting Budgeting is a lot like dieting – almost everyone has tried to do it before, but most people fail to stick with their plans in the long term. Why is this, and do these trends mean that you’ll never be able to stick to a budget yourself? Why Budgets Fail The
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7 easy ways to qualify for 2011 Energy Tax Credits

In 2009 and 2010, taxpayers could qualify for up to $1,500 for making home updates. The Energy Tax Credits for 2011, however, are being significantly reduced. Most homeowners can still qualify for up to $500 in energy tax credits, which can reduce the sting of home update costs. Basics of Energy Tax Credits The Energy

Loan Modifications Find Trouble in Less than a Year

A Big Push for Little Results Last year, the federal government pushed lenders very hard to rework deals for thousands of mortgage holders. The sudden fall in home prices pushed the entire market to near complete collapse. The feds wanted to do something for the individual homeowner and developed the loan modification program. Under this

Wireless payment network to debut in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah, will soon begin experimenting with a wireless payment system in conjunction with three wireless networks. The system, called Isis, is set to debut in 2012 and will use cellular phones to wire payments from a person’s credit or debit line with a bank. Cell phone credit card technology takes another step
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Blippy credit card info exposed to identity theft on Google

The Blippy credit card info exposed on Google is way too much information.  Blippy invites users use the social networking service to tell their friends about what they buy online. Venturebeat reported Friday that at least one person figured out how to find Blippy members’ credit card numbers on Google. A search VentureBeat calls “fairly
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Consumer spending report shows improved savings rate

Each month, the federal government releases a report on consumer saving and spending rates. These two rates are seen as indicators of consumer sentiment and economic growth. The January spending report is also being seen as a referendum on the payroll tax cut. January personal income The United States Commerce Department’s monthly report on personal

Online Cash Advances Are A Necessity For Most

Stay on top with online cash advances As the end of the month approaches, various bills start catching up with you. If you have run out of cash and are unable to pay these bills on time, you will have to delay the payment until you receive your next paycheck. But, in doing so, you
Get your budget in place with a payday cash loan.

Manage your budget with a payday cash loan

When you’re short of cash until payday, the smallest expense becomes a huge problem. No matter how you struggle to stay within your budget, the ends simply won’t meet. When money worries fill the room, a payday cash loan can be a real lifesaver. Get money quickly If you need money now, it’s easy to

How to Get Out of Debt Fast

Do you want to get out of debt as quickly as possible? Getting out of debt is very challenging for many people. Many people are conflicted with getting out of debt as quickly as possible, but they do not know which options are right for them at the moment. There are many companies advertising their
Photo of the type of strap-down table used by prisons when administering lethal injections to death row inmates. Darryl Durr, a convicted kidnapper, rapist and murderer, was put to death via injection in spite of the fact that he complained that he was allergic to the anesthesia used.

Darryl Durr: Too allergic to die argument fails to stop execution

Darryl Durr, 46, was convicted of raping and murdering 16-year-old Angel Vincent in 1988. According to ABC News, the death row inmate’s counsel attempted to appeal his impending execution, claiming that his anesthesia allergy made him “too allergic to die.” However, Ohio District Court Judge Gregory Frost “ruled there wasn’t enough evidence given that the