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Richard Russell to investors: get liquid before the crash

Richard Russell has made a name for himself as a fortune teller for investors seeking to stay a step ahead of the stock market. In his latest Dow Theory Letter prediction Tuesday, Russell forecasts a disastrous stock market crash that will render America unrecognizable by the end of 2010. Some other pundits who try to
Online payday loans may come in handy with the Florida oil spill.

You might need online payday loans after the Florida oil spill

It is safe to say that the extent of damage from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill will be far-reaching, but to think you might need online payday loans because of the spill is a little strange, right? Wrong. Obviously, the environment and ecosystem of the Gulf will be hard hit, but we forget how

Four Reasons to Get a No Credit Check Payday Loan

Is a no credit check payday loan right for you? When you need some extra money to make it until your next payday, a no credit check payday loan can be the solution. If you answer yes to any of these four questions, then it could be the best answer for you. 1 – Are
German Chancellor Angel Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy appear to be near kissing.

Merkel-Sarkozy-Medvedev meeting suggests new Atlantic order

Europe is searching for ways to piece together a lasting model for economic prosperity and national security. According to the Atlantic Sentinel, Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and Dmitry Medvedev are meeting before the upcoming European G20 meeting in order to cement what could be a lasting partnership that would signify a “new Atlantic order.” No
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Installment loans are easy money!

People love options. That is what America is all about — living life and enjoying freedom. Having money in your pocket is the best freedom of all, and installment loans can help during life’s unforeseen financial shortfalls. You can achieve freedom from all kinds of stress and problems that arise. The following are options that

Slow Economy Speeds up Worry

A Slow Recovery Reports dated 12/22/2009 state that the US economy is recovering at a rate of 2.2% over the last quarter, but this was below the earlier predicted figure of 3%. There could be a number of reasons for this particular slowdown, but no explanation has been offered as to what this will mean
It's tough to save for emergencies sometimes. Thankfully, same day cash advance loans can help when you need quick cash. (Photo:

Same Day Cash Advance Loans Up To $1,500

Same Day Cash Advance Loans Help You Avoid Embarrassment Money is an important part of everyone’s life that enables us to pursue our daily needs and dreams. However, emergencies and urgent situations can crop up anytime, leaving a person hapless and helpless. But now with the help of no fax cash advance loans one can

O salmonella! FDA recalls hydrolyzed vegetable protein

According to Wikipedia, salmonella is a form of bacteria that can cause serious illness in those with suppressed immune systems. Symptoms of infection include diarrhea and typhoid fever, and resulting dehydration can lead to death if left untreated. Thankfully, only 30 Americans die due to salmonella infection each year, although that is 30 too many.
Visa card

Rush Card | Pros and cons of prepaid cards

Rush Card is one of the many pre-paid credit card options available. The Rushcard service, like most prepaid cards, has features that can make it very useful, especially for people who cannot get or do not want a regular credit card. However, before you make a decision about getting a Rush Card, it is important
taco bell advertising

Taco Bell class action suit says its taco meat is not really beef

Taco Bell taco meat looks like meat, and some people think it tastes like meat, but technically, it isn’t beef. In Taco Bell advertising, food products are described as filled with ground beef, yet Taco Bell taco meat is only about 35 percent beef. Such a description violates USDA rules, and an Alabama law firm
A couple going over abills.

Do not be late on bills – payday advance loans can help

Don’t let your bills become overdue. Apply for payday advance loans today and you can stop any potential late fees from occurring. We all know how stressful it can be when you know a bill is due and you don’t have the money to cover it. The stress and anxiety alone are enough to incapacitate
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Top Twitter trends in 2010 include oil spill, Bieber and vuvuzela

Twitter released its list of its top trends for 2010 on Monday. “Gulf oil spill” topped the list of topics that provide a snapshot of what the world was most interested in over the past year. Twitter claims its 2010 Trends on Twitter report validates its leadership as the real-time information network. Twitter’s top trending
QR Barcode belt buckle from Fluid Forms.

QR Barcodes | Identifying yourself digitally

In 1974, a pack of Wrigley’s gum was the first item ever scanned using the new Universal Product Code barcode system. Twenty years later, a Japanese corporation created the “QR Code” – a two-dimensional bar code designed for “Quick Response”. Since then, the QR code has been slowly but surely working its way into our
Card Hub offers a great social gift card exchange program.

Industry-First Social Gift Card Exchange from Card Hub

ARLINGTON, Virginia, April 21, 2010 – TowerGroup estimates that in 2009 alone, almost $5 billion went to waste due to unused gift cards. To help consumers make use of otherwise lost money, has launched a-first-of-its-kind Social Gift Card Exchange. How it’s Different The Social Gift Card Exchange separates itself from the pack by being
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April showers bring may flowers and boost pending home sales

Home sales and similar statistics regarding home sales have not been encouraging for months, but are showing signs of life. Pending home sales, or contracts to buy homes, were observed during the month of March, as spring is certainly the buying season. However, that still doesn’t mean that all is well yet. Mortgage rates dip
Stem Cells

Stem cell transplant accidentally cures a case of HIV

Scientists in Germany have announced the successful use of a stem cell transplant to cure a man of HIV. However, the treatment will only work for people who have specific genes. This is one of the latest HIV related breakthroughs, but there is no full cure yet. Man cured of HIV using stem cell transplant

Making Money Online – Part Two

In part one of this series on easy ways to make money online, I offered a few tips on using Facebook to make money, as well as suggestions like flipping websites and selling domain names. There are a lot of ways to create multiple income streams using nothing more than a computer and an Internet