The old version of U.S. food stamps, from 1980.

Welfare payments make up 35 percent of total US wages, study says

An independent study utilizing Bureau of Economic Analysis data indicates that more than one-third of total U.S. wages and salaries go toward government payouts like Social Security, Medicare and other social welfare benefits. This has shocked numerous economists. CNBC Fast Money Executive Producer John Melloy suggests that this record figure will continue to expand as

School closures and late start school days

Around the country, many students are hoping to hear the words “snow day.” Emergency school closures are usually called for the safety of students. School closures can be more complicated than many people realize, however. School closures for safety School districts usually make decisions about school closures for student safety. Heavy snow, cold temperatures, and

Finding Emergency Money Can Be Simplified by Using Tax Credits

Minimizing tax liability Finding emergency money isn’t easy, but with the vast amount of tax credits available the government is trying to make it a little simpler. Once you get your income tax liability down, you then can start looking at tax credits. There are a wide variety of them available, but it’s important to
Superhero costume

More real life superheroes donning costumes to fight crime

Over the past few years, there has been a rising number of real-life comic book style superheroes. Real people are putting on costumes and going out to perform charitable works and try to fight crime. Costumed crusaders were the subject of “Superheroes,” a documentary that was shown at the Slamdance Film Festival. Caped crusaders break
Tax Extension form

Can’t pay your taxes? What to do about extensions and interest

The IRS deadline for 2011 may be three days later than usual, but some people still need extra time. If you cannot pay your taxes or file on time, addressing the situation quickly is key. Ignoring the problem of late taxes will make the situation worse. Extending your filing deadline If you will not be
Blond woman smiling, applied for quick loans for people with bad credit.

Easy quick loans for people with bad credit

Have bad or poor credit? No problem. You can apply right now for quick loans for people with bad credit. These loans are specifically designed to help those in need of quick financing who don’t have the  credit score most lenders are looking for. Here you won’t be treated any differently because of a less-than-decent

$15 billion jobs bill passes Senate 70-28

13 Republicans and two Independents cross the aisle Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D) calls it “investing in America.”  After a 70-28 vote in the Senate, the $15 billion Democratic jobs bill to stimulate job creation has passed with 55 Democrats, 13 Republicans and two Independents saying yes. Considering just how far the American workforce and
Itching to live in a big city? You'll probably spend more time in your car than you do in your dramatically overpriced home.

Comparing Cost of Living | Use CNN Money Calculator

Sticking to my story A few weeks ago I wrote an article called “I’m Sorry I Don’t Want to Live in the Big City.” Yet another couple of my friends are moving across the state this weekend, further aggravating my condition. My condition is one of mild irritation. It gets inflamed when people who live
Dennis Blair

Dennis Blair resigns from Director of National Intelligence post

After 16 months in the post, Dennis Blair, the Director of National Intelligence, has resigned from his office.  He was appointed by President Obama. Dennis Blair was a highly qualified candidate, and in his capacity, he oversaw operations of multiple agencies including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and others.  He had

Romanian witch tax caps off a big year for witches

Recently, the Romanian government passed what people are calling a “witch tax.” The tax applies to  people who are employed as witches and fortune tellers, who must now pay income taxes and into government pension funds. There seems to have been a lot of witch related media over the past year. Curses and praises alike
Shiny penny

Tips for staying on budget when the urge gets to be too much

The economic crisis affects most of us every day as we tighten our belts and keep our wallets in check. But like a dieter craving sweets, temptation is always there to consume beyond our means. Thankfully, there are simple things you can do when the cravings get to be too much. Think ahead Thinking long

NookColor promises more e-reader flexibility

The latest e-reader to be announced, the Color Nook, is the latest offering of Barnes & Noble. The Color Nook will start shipping around Nov. 19. This new e-reader crosses the lines between tablet computer and e-reader. Barnes & Noble introduces color Nook A full-color touchscreen device, the Color Nook is going to be sold
A Vietnam-era photograph of a military plane dropping the chemical warfare Agent Orange on a Vietnamese jungle.

Canada confirms use of Agent Orange to clear brush

Following a Toronto Star investigation, Canadian officials have acknowledged that the country used the infamous chemical herbicide Agent Orange to kill roadside brush from the 1950s to the 1980s. Agent Orange was used by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War for chemical warfare. According to a wide variety of scientific studies, the chemical agent

Thousands of Nevada foreclosures halted by injunction

In Nevada, a judge has issued an order halting foreclosures by a Bank of America subsidiary. Approximately 8,900 foreclosures have been halted by this order. The bank is arguing against this order by citing “harm caused to the public interest.” Problems with Nevada foreclosures Recon Trust is a Bank of America subsidiary that operates in
Steve Jobs Apple iPad announcement

Steve Jobs announces Apple iPad, world freaks out

How ’bout them Apples From the looks of Twitter, Facebook and Google trends, the Apple press conference, including the release of the iPad, is the only thing going on in the world today. Google news says something about a Toyota recall and Holocaust Remembrance Day, but it’s pretty clear that everyone in the world is
Shopping list.

Holiday money saving ideas 2010 | Budget, bargain and shop

‘Tis the season to shop. Everyone can agree that the holidays are definitely the best time to go out and save a bunch of money on items you’ve always wanted. However, it is also a time of hardship, as most people are either unemployed or wait until the last minute to put together a holiday
bank of america mortgage lender

Fed wants its money back from bad B of A mortgage bonds

The foreclosure crisis could be coming home to roost on the banks that caused the housing crisis. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York joined a group of the largest bond investors in the U.S. Wednesday to demand that Bank of America buy back bad mortgage loans packaged into securities. Other mortgage bond investors are