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We are not Alone in Hoping for Economic Recovery

We are not Alone in Hoping for Economic Recovery Good for All In times of hardship, we tend to pull in and focus only on ourselves. Isolationism worked for a time in the past, but all economies are now global economies. No country functions as an island anymore. Consequently, economic recovery needs to be global
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Nokia sues Apple … again

In the mobile phone market, Nokia and Apple are the two siblings that just can’t seem to get along. Nokia has sued Apple several times. Apple has counter-sued Nokia. At issue? More than 40 billion in online cash loans invested in research and development of cellular technologies. So what is the latest volley in this

Walking away | The basics of strategic default

Strategic defaults — when a mortgage borrower decides to pick up and just walk away from their mortgage, even though they can pay it — are increasing. About 31 percent of mortgage foreclosures were estimated to be “strategic” in March of 2010. Strategic defaults can, more than ever, be an option for borrowers whose mortgages
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Virginia working to reduce use of payday and car title loans

The state of Virginia has been on the front lines of regulating short term loan lenders like payday loan and car title loan companies in attempt to reduce their use. Both consumer finance products have been subject to stricter legislation that has dramatically reduced the use of such products. Car title loan lenders operating without
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Subcompact cars are big projects for GM and Ford

Domestic automakers have been trying to get greater market share in subcompacts since the 1970s. Small, inexpensive cars that sip from the gas tank have largely been the domain of Honda and Toyota. The Big Three — GM, Ford and Chrysler — have been trying to catch up ever since. Later this year, the Chevy
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Is Republican census form an illegal Republican census scam?

Both Republican and Democratic leaders are speaking out strongly against the Republican census form that is turning out more like a Republican census scam. The fund-raising letter is disguised as an official “Republican census letter” that asks people to give the party money now. The Republican census scam is not new, but this year it
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507 Carat Diamond Could Fix Finances For Mining Company

Petra Diamonds strikes pay dirt An independent diamond mining company near Pretoria, South Africa, has found a 507 carat diamond. The large stone was found in the Cullinan Mine last week. After a rough year in the diamond business, Financial Times reports this discovery could single-handedly improve the finances of Petra Diamonds. Even though the

Major Benefits of the New Laws for Credit Cards

New laws The Obama administration is working hard to reform laws for companies who issue credit cards. On May 22, the president signed off on the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure, or Credit CARD, act of 2009. The bill is set to improve the way companies deal with consumers and act as a watchdog
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Fear of Suez Canal closure drives up price of crude oil futures

Crude oil futures spiked Friday as violent anti-government demonstrations roiled Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen. Of particular concern is the besieged government in Egypt, which controls the Suez Canal. The Suez canal is a main artery for the shipment of oil from the Middle East to the Western Hemisphere. Egyptian unrest threatens oil supply Fears
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US Senator Harry Reid trying to ban brothels in Nevada

Harry Reid is a Democratic U.S. Senator from Nevada. In a statement read to the Nevada Senate and Assembly, Senator Harry Reid called to ban brothels in Nevada. The statements received a chilly reception and likely will not lead to legislative action. Harry Reid says to ban brothels in Nevada The Democratic Nevada Senator Harry
Lt. Dan Choi leading a gay-rights rally

Lt. Dan Choi arrested during DADT protest

Just outside the White House today, openly gay Iraq veteran Lt. Dan Choi and others were arrested while marching to the White House after a Human Rights Campaign rally. No word yet if group members will be getting quick loans to bail out Lt. Dan Choi or the other arrested individuals. The group was marching
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Thousands of dead birds fall from the sky in Arkansas town

Why did thousands of birds fall from the sky in Arkansas? State wildlife officials began testing carcasses of red-winged blackbirds that rained down on the town of Beebe on New Year’s Eve. Biologists suspect that severe weather or fireworks, rather than disease or poison, caused the birds to fall from the sky. Birds fall from

Colleges Looking for Fast Cash are Finding it with the Seniors

Senior citizens in the classroom Colleges are struggling to find fast cash these days and surprisingly, it’s coming to them via an odd client base. It seems that senior citizens are courting colleges looking for non-credited classes. That works well for colleges because they can charge anywhere between $25 to $500 per class and it

Massive Haitian earthquake damage; aid requirements tremendous

7.0 magnitude earthquake has altered the lives of over three million people Reports indicate that the Haiti earthquake death toll may reach into the thousands. The United States, United Nations, European Union, France, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Iceland, Britain, the Inter-American Development Bank and various other agencies are all offering Haitian earthquake aid in the form
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Irish vote on tough austerity measures to trim budget

The Irish vote on the country’s austerity measures is being closely watched. The Republic of Ireland is receiving a bundle of bailout loans, similar to Greece, and austerity measures have to be implemented. The aim is to free up several billion euros. Irish vote on cuts of billions of euros The Irish budget vote is being

Short Term Loans in a Tough Economy

Unemployment in Elkhart, Indiana Short term loans are proving to be a viable option as America’s financial recession persists. One city that is taking the recession harder than most is Elkhart, Indiana. They are currently suffering one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. Mayor Dick Moore stated, “When [your city has] one in every five
Simplifying your finances doesn't have to be difficult. With these six simple steps, you can get a better handle on your money. (Photo:

Debt Relief | Simplify your Finances in 6 Easy Steps

The 80/20 Rule When it comes to the 80/20 rule, I’ve been applying it to everything in my life, especially in regards to subjects such as financial stability and debt relief. When it comes to my home, work, car, clothes and even my wallet, I have been trying to get rid of all the subterfuge