Inflation Exceeding Consumers’ Payday Cash

Inflation-adjusted wages Payday cash is being threatened yet again by the economy. This time it’s the wage average that’s wreaking havoc on the economy. A new government survey showed that consumer’s economic rebound is being hampered by an inflation-adjusted wage fall. Since last year, it has fallen 1.6%, which is the biggest drop its seen

Autism link to MMR vaccine receives serious debunking

GMC questions Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s methodology There are plenty of autism/anti-vaccine people – like Jenny McCarthy – who are going to be upset about this. Your payday loans blogger includes himself in that group. I have been skeptical of some vaccinations that the pharmaceutical-industrial complex attempts to push on my children. My ex-wife and I
A mock giant-sized pack of Marlboro cigarettes. The warning message “Smokers die younger” is easily visible on the side of the box.

The true cost of a pack of cigarettes

Smoking is a relatively expensive and unequivocally dangerous habit, but few people know the true cost of a pack of cigarettes, reports the European science blog Lab Spaces. According to Spain’s Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT), an average €3 to €4 pack ($4.18 to $5.57, approximately) actually costs €107 ($149) for men and €75 ($105)

Tax Bills Proving Difficult to Manage as Owners Look for Cash Now

Although the recession is officially over, the result of it is still at its core. Many homeowners are finding it very difficult to manage because of multiple economic reasons, including increasing property taxes. Governments struggling over tax revenue declines Homeowners looking for cash now are having a difficult time due to their tax bills. Across
A photo of the empty Chapel of the Divine Mercy, near the end of its construction cycle. It is a vitally important place for Roman Catholics during such times as the Divine Mercy Novena.

Divine Mercy Novena: A Good Friday tradition

As Easter weekend comes, so do the ancient traditions of those who profess religious faith – and today, Good Friday, brings the Divine Mercy Novena of the Roman Catholic faith. For those of you unfamiliar with the meaning of “novena,” WordNet defines it as “a Roman Catholic devotion consisting of prayers on nine consecutive days.”
pete rouse will replace rahm emanuel as white house cheif of staff

Pete Rouse faces tough task as new White House chief of staff

Pete Rouse, a top White House aid, has been appointed to replace Rahm Emanuel as White House chief of staff. Rouse is described as a low-key fixer, in sharp contrast to the volatile Emanuel, who is leaving the White House to run for mayor of Chicago. Rouse, a long-time Washington insider, is taking a job
A Bank of America ATM machine.

Prepaid benefit cards exploit the unemployed, says study

Prepaid debit cards can work well as a gift, but monthly maintenance fees, withdrawal and ATM fees can take some of the usefulness out of them. According to the National Consumer Law Center, prepaid cards may not be the best way of distributing benefits to more than 13 million unemployed in the U.S., as is
Oil Spill bird

Is Halliburton to blame for Gulf disaster?

As the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues to spread, allegations are coming to light that this may be the Halliburton oil spill. BP has claimed responsibility for paying for the oil spill cleanup, and Transocean was operating the oil drilling platform – but both may now be looking to Halliburton for oil
oil slick reaching rocky shoreline

2010 oil spill in Gulf of Mexico worsens

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill 2010, which reached the shoreline Friday, could be one of the worst environmental disasters in history. Thursday cleanup officials determined the oil spill leaking from the wellhead is five times worse than first thought. Following the explosion and sinking of an oil rig 50 miles off the Louisiana coast
A Harvard University logo

U.S. News college rankings contain no surprises

The U.S. News college rankings were released Tuesday, and guess what: Harvard is number one … again. Princeton is in second place … once more. On a podium bearing a distinct Ivy League bias, Yale is number three. But those are the national college rankings: a predictable list of well-moneyed heavyweights that is often criticized
a college basketball player going in for a layup

March Madness: the NCAA billion-dollar money-making machine

The economic impacts of March Madness, the annual Division 1 NCAA basketball tournament, add up to billions of dollars in costs and revenues. From the cost of TV advertising to the money bet in office pools, March Madness money has effects that permeate multiple levels of the economy. For the schools of college basketball teams

Spaghetti Tacos | Going gourmet with kids food

Fans of iCarly have long known of spaghetti tacos. Thanks to a New York Times feature, this kids food item is becoming ever more popular. Though spaghetti tacos were originally a joke, there is a way to make them palatable. The origin of spaghetti tacos The Nickelodeon TV series iCarly featured the first major appearance
Soft drink tax Colorado

Soft drink tax: Colorado lawmakers may repeal after one year

In March of 2010, Colorado consumers began paying a tax on sugary products, commonly referred to as the soft drink tax. This soft drink tax, in Colorado, equaled an additional 2.9 percent cost. Now, some lawmakers are trying to repeal the Colorado soft drink tax. The soft drink tax in Colorado In March of 2010,
Path startup photo sharing

Path, the new social network that draws the line on friendships

The Path social network is a new online property that lets users share photos from their iPhones with their friends. But when it comes to friends, Path goes against the grain of current social network convention by limiting users to just 50 of them. Some say Path fills an important niche, while others say Path’s
Get your 2010 Bay to Breakers Race Results!

Bay to Breakers Race Results 2010

For much of the nation, it is the heart of the running season. Bay to Breakers is a celebration for runners and the Bay to Breakers Race Results 2010 are the reward. Bay to Breakers is held the third Sunday in May in San Francisco. Bay to Breakers is arguably the largest 12k road race

Fighting the Recession By Any Means Necessary

Fighting the good fight The recession has made downsizing a bigger fact of life than ever before, or least as big of an issue as it has been since the Great Depression. Decreased consumer business, a lack of credit available and the increasing costs of things like health care make the waters extremely rough for
US Dollar

Flat consumer prices could make paydays worth less

Recent data was released that indicated that the consumer price index has barely moved for a long time. For months on end, prices of goods and services have remained essentially flat. It means that no one has needed instant cash to make a usual purchase, but that is not all. Part and parcel to the