Capping payday loan rates too low will kill competition and hurt consumers – in Brisbane, Queensland or anywhere else.

Consumer Credit Availability and Financial Exclusion in Australia

Forced Competition for Competitive Payday Loan Rates? Legislators from various nations have proposed that control over consumer credit become centralized, i.e. placed under control of the national government rather than continue to reside with states and principalities. Their reasoning is that if they can provide the traditional banking sector with enough incentive to offer small
Rep. Dennis Kucinich speaks to Democratic supporters. Even in very soft focus in the background, his wife draws the eye, as if to a flower.

Dennis Kucinich votes yes on health care – after voting no

The battle for health care reform may be nearing a vote in the House, as President Obama has predicted. Now a major stumbling block has been removed, as Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich has changed his stance on the current version of the health care bill, which brings to mind credit repair – for his image.
James Clapper

James Clapper hung out to dry in interview with Diane Sawyer

The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, recently had a disastrous interview with Diane Sawyer on national television. Clapper didn’t know about a foiled London terrorist plot, and came off as an ignorant buffoon. It was later confirmed that he had not been briefed. Disastrous Diane Sawyer for James Clapper A recent interview was broadcast
Walking Away

Strategic defaulters more likely to be financially educated

People who engage in “strategic default,” purposely defaulting on a mortgage when it’s no longer worth the effort, may be more financially astute than other homeowners in default. A recent study indicates that strategic defaulters have higher credit scores than people who stick out a bad mortgage. However, there are not many people who engage
bill shock regulation to prevent this as pictured

FCC to propose bill shock regulations that rein in mobile fees

“Bill shock” regulations to protect consumers from being burned by surprise mobile phone charges are being proposed by the Federal Communications Commission. Mobile users have been ambushed for years by surprise charges, but the issue came to the forefront last month when Verizon, under FCC pressure, agreed to refund customers about $50 million for bogus

Anheuser Busch buys Goose Island in quest for world domination

Anheuser Busch, the corporate megabrewing conglomerate, recently purchased Goose Island, a beer brewing company based in Chicago. Anheuser and chief rivals SABMiller and Molson Coors have been buying up microbreweries for years. Macrobreweries dominate the market for beer, prompting cynics to claim corporate America is out to spoil everyone’s fun. Macrobrewing company purchases growing Chicago
Bye-bye Saturn cars! Image from Flickr.

Saturn Cars Deeply Discounted as GM Discontinues Brand

Saturn cars on sale People shopping around for cars and auto loans should take notice: You might have an opportunity to to get a brand new Saturn car for a used-car price. The same thing goes for Pontiacs. General Motors is discontinuing both brands, so Pontiac and Saturn cars are bascially going into fire sale

Be Sneaky When Looking to Save Quick Cash

Everyone wants quick cash these days. The recession taught people well that relying on credit lenders most likely isn’t going to pan out the way they had hoped. Though many consumers relied on credit for years to get them out of financial binds, it wasn’t until the recession that people realized the true nature of
Roast Turkey

How long to cook a turkey | Turkey recipes for Thanksgiving

How long to cook a turkey can sometimes feel like part magic. You’ll find turkey recipes for Thanksgiving that suggest just about everything. Having a good basic understanding of how meat cooks your best weapon in figuring out how long to cook a turkey. Prepping your Turkey recipes for Thanksgiving The first and most important

Spray-on liquid glass could save money on cleaning supplies

And who couldn’t use that kind of help? We can all appreciate the difficulty of keeping up with household cleaning. Not only can it be back-breaking work, it can also be expensive, with one cleaner for this surface, yet another for the next. Not everyone can afford to keep up such a spotless regimen, and
A couple embracing, smiling into the camera.

Payday advance loan versus an advance on your paycheck

You need money, and payday is still around the corner, what do you do? You may have the option of taking an advance out on your paycheck, but is that the smartest way to go? One way that may be wiser is to take out a payday advance loan. This could save you stress and
Payday Loans Get the Cash You Need Now

Payday Loans | Get the Cash You Need Now!

Apply HERE for Payday Loans Could You Use a Payday Loan? Have you recently had an unexpected bill that requires a payday loan? Personal Money Market is the place that can help get you back on track with an online payday loan from one of our top lenders. We work hard to help get you
A single joint of marijuana

The California Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act: Part 1

Yesterday evening, the California Secretary of State confirmed that the voter initiative to legalize marijuana received an estimated 523,531 valid signatures – well more than the 433,971 signatures needed to get on the November ballot. The California legalization initiative has supporters that argue pot legalization will not only save the cash-strapped California economy money, but
The Facebook logo embedded within a cartoon heart.

Lovely Faces scraped from Facebook without permission

In 2003, then Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg scraped the names and photos of co-eds from university servers in order to create a “hot or not” site called FaceMash. Zuckerberg, who would go on to found Facebook, was accused of stealing data and identities. Today, Wired reports that a media artist and a media critic have
Acela Express

Only existing high speed rail in America already successful

Part of the stimulus packages suggested by President Obama for further growth of the economy and modernization of America is high speed rail. It is controversial in some circles, and conservatives are outraged. However, the existing high speed rail in America is already a fantastic success. Rage at the dying of the no high speed
An artistic photograph of the Bill of Rights. The Constitutionality of health care reform – which 13 states are currently questioning, with more to follow – may come down to how the Supreme Court interprets specific and implied powers as they relate to the Bill of Rights, the 10th Amendment and the 14th Amendment.

13 state AGs suing feds, say health care bill unconstitutional

President Obama has signed the overhauled health care reform bill into law, but not everyone is happy. Thirteen state Attorneys General (12 Republicans and one Democrat) are now in the process of suing the federal government in order to stop the health care reform wave, claiming that it is unconstitutional in its current form. They
Craigslist page with images of prostitutes and dominatrix boots superimposed in the foreground.

Craigslist Albany pimp gets busted

Craigslist has caught heat in recent years for allowing online ads for prostitution and “girlfriend experience” (GFE) to publish. Authorities have tried to crack down on this online sex trade, but as Bronx News reports, such efforts are like trying to get rid of crabgrass. This time, authorities have intervened in a prostitution ring advertised