weighing the pros and cons of debt reduction vs. savings

The pros and cons of debt reduction vs. emergency fund

In these uncertain economic times, should a person try saving money or reducing credit card debt? With the average return on savings in the U.S. so low, many financial experts say that consumers will come out ahead in the long run with debt reduction. Basically, the cost of carrying credit card debt outweighs the benefits
Haitian Refugees

Cholera outbreak in Haiti begins to subside

A recent outbreak of cholera in Haiti has possibly begun to subside, but there are still many afflicted. Haitian officials are pointing to fewer deaths being recorded, so the outbreak may be slowing down, at least. Haiti has experienced severe turmoil since the earthquake in Haiti earlier this year. Those who caught cholera all appear

Everyone may need extra cash as household wealth falls

It was recently announced that the recession is officially over, but that almost seems meaningless. Recessions technically end when economic contractions cease, but some things are still depressed, such as employment and household wealth. The wealth of a household, or net worth, is determined as assets minus debts. For instance, the value of a home
Wowwee Rovio

Wowwee Rovio: half robot, half webcam, all awesome

If you’ve got wifi in your house and a desire to have some robotic fun, the Wowwee Rovio is built just for you. The Wowwee Rovio is half remote-controlled robot and half webcam. The remote control can connect to any available wifi connection – meaning you can have the Wowwee Rovio roam your house and

Market Response, Impulse, Emergency Money and Bad Investing

Mistakes in the recession Responses to the market collapse, investing impulsively, emergency money, and bad investing make up the top regrets of the recession. Consumers are weighing in on how well they fared throughout the recession on each one and learning lessons from their responses. Now that the recession is considered to be over, it’s
worlds most expensive dog

Tibetan Mastiff breaks record as most expensive dog in the world

A red Tibetan Mastiff has supplanted another canine of the same breed as the most expensive dog in the world. Red Tibetan Mastiffs have become a status symbol for the wealthy in China, a country where historically dogs have been more likely to be eaten. The red Tibetan Mastiff known as “Big Splash” went for

Fast Cash Loans Win the Payday Race

And they’re off! It starts the minute you get your paycheck. Some people call it living on a tight budget. Others call it living from paycheck to paycheck. I call it the Payday Race, because that’s exactly what it is. Every pay period, you have one goal: Make it to the finish line before your
Undocumented workers standing on a street corner have been joined by Americans clothed in superhero garb.

More American workers turning to day labor during recession

The recession continues to leave many Americans grasping for cash, wherever they may find it. They’re even reaching for those so-called “jobs Americans won’t do,” reports the Wall Street Journal. Day labor, once considered to be the almost-exclusive domain of undocumented workers, is now on the rise among  former white-collar employees, male and female. Reports

One to grow on: Top 5 ways to spend your lunch hour

Make it a positive space for self-enrichment What’s it going to be for lunch? You do have a lunch hour, don’t you? Or at least a lunch period? Some people use their lunch time at work to catch up on errands and E-mails. Others actually eat their lunch. I find myself surfing the Net more
tylenol 8-hour recall

New Tylenol recall fifth in a year for Johnson & Johnson

A Tylenol recall is the latest embarrassment for McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. The Tylenol recall is the fifth recall in a year for the drug maker, which is under investigation by Congress for its quality control practices. This time, Tylenol is being pulled from the shelves because of widespread customer
Watch out, cubs! You may not be getting or giving what you bargained for. (Photo: stayawayfromtools.blogspot.com)

Miss Cougar USA | Wanting Dates, Needing Internet Loans

Cougars seek love online and off, use internet loans Relationships are a tricky business. Whether we meet people out and about or online (in between searching for internet loans), we all have a social side of ourselves that is longing to connect with others. When it comes to companionship, we tend to seek out those
Photograph of a fanned-out stack of euro bills.

Germany must do more to avert economic crisis, says Cohen

Much like the United States, the European Union has been living in an economic dream world where moral hazard does not exist, says Roger Cohen in a recent New York Times op-ed piece. A lack of financial oversight is in large part why countries such as Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain are on the precipice

Installment Loans, Planning and Vendors are Just the Beginning

The rigors of business ownership In the midst of installment loans, business plans and day-to-day management, business owners can be swamped with decisions. A lot can fall through the cracks when it comes to owning a business and keeping it safe from thieves. With the growing amount of internet business activity, more owners are falling

The Obama trip to India may cost a lot but may be worth it

Ranting and raving has commenced concerning the Obama trip to India. The President of the United States fulfills a dual role in government, being both head of state and government. Granted, presidential visits overseas incur considerable bills for transportation and security, but there are benefits that may outweigh them. For instance, the trade relationship the
A nurse using health information technology to serve a patient.

Independa Inc. nominated for San Diego EvoNexus assistance

While assistance with operating capital is an essential part of cultivating a new business, there are other means through which a community can foster startup incubation. According to the San Diego Business Journal, a health information technology startup called Independa Inc. has been nominated for San Diego’s EvoNexus business incubator program. The facility, technology and
The sanctuary at Washington National Cathedral

Obama delivers heartfelt eulogy at Dorothy Height funeral

At the Dorothy Height funeral in Washington D.C. Thursday, President Barack Obama delivered the eulogy. Before he spoke at the service held in the Washington National Cathedral, he issued an executive order directing that the American flag fly at half staff on land and at sea worldwide. The Dorothy Height biography establishes her as the
An example of waterboarding.

President Bush defends waterboarding in memoir

In former President George W. Bush’s new memoir “Decision Points,” he defends waterboarding. The controversial interrogation technique was used by U.S. authorities to obtain information from radical Islamist prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison. As Bush reiterated during an interview with Matt Lauer, he approved waterboarding because his lawyers told him it was legal. Waterboarding as